LTO, Driver's license, Laguna

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LTO, Driver's license, Laguna

Monday, April 20, 2009

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what: LTO experience
where: Pila, Laguna
when: 2009.04.20

This morning I decided again to have an student license for driving so I wake up early and went straight in the LTO office. Fortunately, we have a contact there who will do everything for me to get my license, unfortunately I was required to go to the photo section. So I thought if that's just it then it's ok. Then we've waited, and the person in charge in that area came. She clean here place, clean clean clean, then she clean here face - clean clean clean and here desk clean clean clean. At this point I was getting frustrated WTF are you doing we are waiting here. Then she brought out here phone then text text text and have her coffee drink drink drink.

OMG I can't help but get frustrated and after almost 2.5 hours of waiting I finally give up. I mean what the hell is wrong with them, it's only a click, just one click which would not take more than 20 seconds.

I am paying my tax and is a good Filipino citizen so in my opinion I/we deserve a better service. Gosh they are so insensitive, unprofessional and all the negative words that you can say.

Maybe I'll try to get mine in another office. There is no hope in that one, may lighting strike upon you hahaha peace.

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